Jun 22, 2024

Is the South Africa Justice System Fair | Mani vs Dlamini


Mzansi seems to not be satisfied on how the two cases of Sibongile Mani and Bathabile Dlamini, have both been handled, leading to the outcome of the cases.

malcolm xSibongile Mani a student at Walter Sisulu University, was sentenced to 5 years in prison, over R14 million NSFAS fund sent to her account, and went on a shopping spree spending over R800 000 in less than 76 days. While Bathabile Dlamini ANC Womens League, was sentenced to 4 years or pay R200 000 fine for perjury.

Mzansi is not so happy with the outcome of both cases, Mani is now allegedly labelled as a pawn and feel it is uncalled for that she is the only one who get to pay the price for something seen as not her fault. When compared to Dlamini, many say this shows how money and status goes a long way in SA justice system.


Bathabile being given a lenient sentencing was a smack on the face for many, it is said her being given the option to pay R200 000 which is nothing to her, right after Mani’s sentencing is confusing. Dlamini opted to pay the fine, and now the question lies on why wasn’t Mani given that option as well and is a first time offender who did t ask for millions to be sent in her account.



Businesses man Malcolm X has pledged on donating R500 000 and asked for donations, in attempt for Mani’s immediate release from prison. Following the story is is said NSFAS has already paid back the money and can not find evidence as to how the money reached her. Mzansi wants to know how the money got to her and who was in batches of clicking so many 0s or of not take this as an act of a miracle.