Jul 20, 2024

Is that a tennis or A Head?


Wait before you conclude it is a tennis, look closely, that’s where we are now with hair dye’s. They sure are capable of fooling your eyes. A tennis like hair cut got women questioning their next hair style.

The thought of walking down the streets and children compare your head to a tennis ball, that’s what this young woman is about to experience when walking around. The humour made on twitter with the head, you could sure end up believing it’s a tennis ball.

The cut got women wondering should they continue using dye to style their cuts. One user said “I once used purple and a child told me in front of my partner, that I remind him of the grapes his mum brought from the taxi Rank.” The joke cracked a lot of guys who added to say they are not happy with their girlfriends haircut but fear to say so.