Jul 21, 2024

Is Russia Angry with South Africa?


A shocking discovery for DSTV viewers, coming to realise channel 407 (Russia Today) has been “disrupted”. It was reported in the early hours the media channels in Ukraine have been bombed and destroyed.

For South Africans with DSTV, the 407 channel has been viewing the channel to gain information on the war between Russia and Ukraine, but now the blocking leaves many in the dark.

This leaves viewers to opt for other channels and local media houses to bring forth the information and latest update on the world war 3 Russia attacks Ukraine news. It has been alleged before, that many countries will be affected by the war.

Already in SA with the hike of patrol, motorist are confused as to is the war contributing to the price rate of the country. Interests rates are also expected to spike high, negatively affecting loans and accounts.

This leaves questionable wonder on what’s next from Russia, with South Africa suffer the consequences of the war. Previously when Naledi Pandor wanted to intervene, SA sent out messages that they would not like to get involved in the matter and after the President’s speech, SA was already involved. And now with the channel blocked, does this mean SA is in too deep?

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