Jul 21, 2024

Is Pfizer Safe to Take Despite Findings


According to ‘The Liz Wheeler Show’ Pfizer vaccine has dangerous side effects which makes it unsafe to take against Covid-19.

The Liz Wheeler Show claims to have documents containing valued information, the kind that explains the dangers 9f taking the Pfizer vaccine against the Corona virus.

It is said that the vaccine carried with side effects of sever headache, blood clots, contract Covid-19, to name a few. In a clip linked below, Liz reads out the document alleged to explain why Pfizer should not be taken.  https://twitter.com/LFoolride/status/1500858286022828033?s=20&t=qHfftOJngAKKGbAvIvXd1w

People suggest that the founder with all its employees should be brought to book, labeling it as a crime against Humanity, violating human rights. “Pfizer along with all its employees and media pimps should immediately be brought to trial for Crimes Against Humanity.”

It is not the first time such allegations have been brought forth, a number of cases have been mentioned but scraped out after they were reported as regarded as not linked to the vaccine.

The information has divided the thoughts of many with some saying they took all 3 jabs and have not experienced side effects, while others say they are aware of the side effects which led to their refusal of taking the vaccine.

Jabs are regarded mandatory at some work places, vanues and sports event, South Africa is also in plans of scraping out the mandatory rule of wearing a mask and also in support of taking the jab.