Apr 16, 2024

Is Online Sports betting like Betway, Hollywoodbets and Sportingbet Addictive?

Sports betting

With high unemployment and less jobs being created in South Africa, sports betting seems like the most easiest way for South African to make money, but the question is, can one get addicted to online betting?

With the previous  generation playing dice was the most known illegal betting which have cost a lot of our uncles and fathers money, our mothers and sisters used to experience a lot of stress due to the men using their pay to play dice with the hope of increasing the salary, instead most of them ended up losing their hard earned cash leaving the kids and themselves to suffer for the rest of the month until the next payment.

When it comes to addiction most people tend to think it is only possible for people to get hooked by drugs forgetting addiction comes in many different ways. Online sports betting is most popular with the youth as they are able to do it quickly on their mobile phones with the hope of winning millions of rands.

Betway revenue equals  $364.23 million annually all this is generated from online bets most of which are football based.

Soccer betting has become a trend in South Africa with lots of social media groups created to share betting tickets and their thoughts. One becomes worried that this can result in most of the youth being addicted to betting ending up loosing most of their hard earned cash in this ailing economy.

We are yet to see a show for I blew it with online sports betting, but with the way betting is gaining momentum in the country soon we will see the betway I blew it version.

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