May 20, 2024

Is Mr Smeg Out of Content or This is It

Pearl Thusi is Beautiful, Khanyi Mbau is beautiful, Mamkhize is beautiful, Ari Lennox is beautiful and now Kelly Rowland is beautiful. Now is Mr Smeg running out of content or this is his content? He said Pearl Thusi was beautiful countless times and finally scored himself a date. Called Ari Lennox beautiful and scored himself the title Smegma. Now with Kelly Rowland, followers question his content.

On 13 April Mr Smeg proposed a long day for Mzansi after they kept consoling him from the unexpected response he received from Ari Lennox, who in text insulted the famous South Africa tweepster. Many were offended on his behalf and spend the day talking to his defence, including famous rapper AKA. and now it’s not the same story but users grow concern for Me Smeg who just never seem to stop his complimentary tweets that some find creepy.

Users are worried Smeg may be on the verge of loosing followers for his “beautiful” tweets. Many were telling him to lose the content as it might get him to a similar Lennox situation once again. Smeg seems to have forgotten about the Lennox story and moved on but Mzansi hasn’t, they kept commenting under the tweet that he forgets about Rowland and focus on the KZN flooding.

The young influencers followers are starting to worry about his way of getting attention and getting publicly humiliated. They told him to stick to local celebrities who either say good or ignore him.


going say no to many.