May 20, 2024

Is MacG out of line?


MacG latest podcast has brought about different reactions from his audience and Twitter. In his podcast, he claimed that there is no difference between Zodwa Wabantu and Minnie Dlamini regarding how both make their money. #IsMacGWrong has been trending as South Africans gave their opinions on the matter.

On Episode 350 of MacG’s podcast uploaded two days ago, he shared his view on how South African It Girls are selling dreams to the young girls that aspire to be like them. He continues his claim by saying that all It Girls in South Africa are no different from Zodwa Wabantu, namely Minnie and Mihlali Ndamase. He added that the only difference is that one owns it and the other doesn’t.

This sparked controversial conversation on both on Twitter and on YouTube, on if he was right for claiming that or was “out of line” as stated by some. There were tweets where people spoke about how he abused the platform he was given and how he undermined and disregarded Minnie. However, some of his fans came to his aid, saying that if people don’t like what he is saying they must just stop watching, and they also thanked him for exposing “fake hustlers”.

This was not the first time when MacG dragged Minnie, he uploaded a video with Slik Talk who is a YouTuber. They spoke about her marriage and how long it lasted, MacG also added that “no one in their right minds would ever marry an It Girl.”