Jul 20, 2024

Is Gogo Maweni Behind SK Khoza’s Violent Reputation?


Allegations are put on the table that famous sangoma Dr Gogo Maweni is behind SK Khoza acting violently in his recent. It is believed she used her calling to cause havoc in the lives of her baby daddy’s.

Maweni is a famous sangoma showcasing on the show Sangoma ZoDumo on Showmax, in the past year she received her doctorate, changing her name to Dr Gogo Maweni. It was not her first appearance on Television, she once appeared on Moja Love Pay papgeld where she took one of her baby daddy’s soccer star Siyabonga Zulu.

Her recent Instagram post where she wrote “Lol I dont have baby daddy issues. All issues were handled in my ndumba! The outcome was to leave them with nothing. If my kids don’t “eat” no one eats. Do the maths.”

The post was linked to recent viral video of SK Khoza acting out as though he is intoxicated with drugs, which he denied. SK has been on the media eye a number of times for the wrong reason, he was allegedly dismissed from ‘The Queen’ after it was reported he assualted ex fiance Ayanda Hlongwane.

Tweeps have speculated that sangoma Maweni is behind destroying the two men’s careers, they said the firing of Siyabonga Zulu and Khoza from their careers, for not financially maintaining her children. During the papgeld episode, the Zulu family blamed her for the dismissal of the soccer star.

Maweni and her husband have not yet commented on the trending allegations. Tweeps have opened their own discussion on the allegations with many saying it’s witchcraft and should not be tolerated, should resort to maintainance cour. One user said : “Oh she tried that and also took the soccer player to papgeld. They left her with no choice but utilize her powers”

Majority say the men should have stepped up in the first place and took care of their children before opting to enjoy life forgetting they have human walking responsibilities.