May 20, 2024

Is Continental Breakfast Chair sexual?

With th topic of a Continental Breakfast Chair still a buzz, it has however left questions and dirty thinking amongst society.

Continental Breakfast Chair

Since the first information released on the Continental Breakfast Chair by Anna Uddenberg made rounds, many thought “OH well that’s another useless invention.” Nonetheless this chair turns out to be a confirmed sexual toy.

According to Big Red Boot website “A Continental Breakfast Chair by anna uddenberg is the best sex toy that you can get for the exposure of a naked body for both anus and vagina.” The Chair has created a curious mindset to many hoping to see the actual use of the Chair or a clearer demonstration. Tick tock is one of the platform where many are trying to define the use for the Chair and how one can find pleasure for such under the word “breakfast served”. Continental Breakfast Chair

Nobody has come forward to claim ever purchasing the Chair, but has people suggesting they may be potential buyers just to observe and admire the female genitals. Hospitals have not also committed on whether or not they may find use for the Chair.