May 28, 2024

Intaba Yase Dubai Cries Exploitation From Label

Intaba Yase Dubai

Mali Eningi. In this scenario that’s not the case. Imagine singing about having hopes to make more and more money and the dream comes to reality only to not have your share of that money. That’s what Intaba Yase Dubai the artist under Ambitious record label is crying for. The singer claims millions were made from the hit song Mali Eningi but he has not been given his share.

The hit track by Inkabi Records of Big Zulu, collaborated with Ambitious Record in making the song. With Intaba Yase Dubai saying he won’t work with features anymore, may have caused confusion and Big Zulu had to reply to the claims to clear the records name. A statement was issued and Big Zulu later went live to address the matter.

According to the statement and the clip, Big Zulu and Inkabi Record payed off the share to Ambitious record using the procedures put on the table by Ambitious record. Big Zulu says he is not in quarrels with Intaba Yase Dubai but advices him to talk to his record label as everything was done and completed for the way his label requested.

Ambitious is endlessly on the tabloids for exploiting it’s artists. Many have come forward complaining about not receiving their fair shares for hit songs. Many like Fifi Copper have left to start their own record label. Gigi lamayne was also caught in the Cross fire during her time in ambitious, always dissing Fifi Cooper through her raps but later apologised and said all was done against her own will. Fans are saying Intaba Yase Dubai should have known how ambitious operates and could ask many artists who also cried exploitation.

“This guy is under Ambitious so the deal was made by Them, Nkabi records paid every cent that was charged by Them. Intaba yase Dubai is robbed by Ambitious as usual ask Reece, Sjava, Emtee & etc they’ll tell you how crooked Ambitious is.” read a tweet