Intaba Yase Dubai Calls It Quits

Intaba Yase Dubai

“I’m also sorry to Journalists, News People for not replying I wanted to be sure about my recent decision and finally I have taken it. I quit music.” Intaba Yase Dubai pens down another post and this time around he says he calls it quits when it comes to the music industry as this incident is not the first to happen.

According to the artist, a statement released mentioning he received payment is false. Intaba Yase Dubai says he is willing to provide evidence that no cent was paid to him rather the R3 700 he gets paid monthly or when he’s booked, nothing from the money made from “Mali Eningi”. Fans are saddened by the decision to leave music. Fellow artists pleaded with the artist to continue doing what he loves and take ownership of his music in the future, starting with leaving the record label.

It was a comment from Thina Zungu the gospel artist, that was highlighted and approved by fans. “No my brother don’t quit but start your own thing your a very talented young man I feel your pain and thank u for sharing with us but its time to own your music. We all started there but our eyes opened. I quote “your gift will open for you doors and have you seated with kings” don’t quit heal first and open another page you will be in my prayer you may be broke now but there are millions shut from you from the inside. Unfortunately your company access them first before you realize but they are still there, they are not completed. We love you my brother its time to shine now” wrote Zungu

Indaba Yase Dubai says he accepted everything as offered because he comes from a rural areas and from a poor background. he says all he was appreciative for was the fact that he could put food on the table and feed his family. But the artists emphasizes that it hurts him to see how wonderful the song did to even get an offer to work with KFC but none was shared with him “I’m not fighting with Big Zulu, I’m also not fighting with my Company (Ambitious Ent). I’m fighting with the fact that I’m in a big song which made money but I haven’t received event a cent on it.”

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