Apr 16, 2024
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The influential gogo skhotheni was chased out of the river so she should not perform traditional rituals and even got labelled as a witch.

This video went viral in an instant on Facebook were a lot of people felt that they should be unity to stop the propaganda and insults about traditional healers.

One of gogo skhotheni’s followers left a comment advising her that she should open a case, this was pure intimidation and infringing on her rights and They must prove those allegations in court.

Gogo skhotheni was insulted by white Christian men who chased her out of the river and started to pray calling her a witch. The video did not disclose any information about those men who bullied her and her husband out of the river.

she tried to confront them about this matter asking them “who she was allowed to pray to”, where they proudly answered Jesus Christ. The video was emotional as gogo skhotheni could not hold back the tears, but her husband tried to comfort her, the was still tension on the scene.

Skhotheni appeared on eNCA where she refused to make the issue into a racial one. She said that she did not have anything against the Bible for Christians and the problem lay with ignorance on the side of the men that accused her of witchcraft.

She refused to stop embracing her culture. Skhotheni also said that traditional healers are at fault for not talking to each other enough and that some healers openly claim to practice witchcraft which harms the profession’s image.

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