May 24, 2024

In honor of Pride month, songstress Gugu Myeni opens up about her sexuality journey.

From having a daughter with her long-time boyfriend, to her upcoming wedding to a Xhosa princess, Dutshwa Sanelisiwe, she also reveals the challenges of blending families and sanelisiwe’s near fatal cancer diagnosis.

Every year, the month of June is recognized as Pride Month to honor the contributions to society made by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and other people of diverse sexualities and genders (LGBTQ+)

Songstress, activist Gugu Myeni dated men most of her life and even had a beautiful daughter with her longtime boyfriend, so it was quite a shock when in 2019 she revealed she had fallen in love with her female best friend. She was labelled and judged, Gugu said her daughter who was just 15 at that time inspired her to be more open about her sexuality, and now she is head over heels with Sanelisiwe who is a renowned Poetess and getting married for the first time.

‘’My whole life I thought I was going to have this one person  who was going to complete me outside myself, but only to realize that the person was not for me ,I was actually suffering from  prince charming syndrome’’

I have been with great guys who were so kind and rich spirited that I romanticized all my relationships and only to find out it wasn’t really meant to be such, I confused all that with love, She added.

For years I thought I was attracted to men, at some point of my life I thought I loved men and women equally so I thought I would definitely want one man and one woman and just settle down, but then after all the confusion with my sexuality, I realized one day that I was actually in love with a woman, I loved her more than I have ever loved any man .I was deeply emotionally connected with her.

it wasn’t a choice I woke up to make, it just happened, I was open for love and ended up falling in love with a woman who happens to be the best human being I’ve ever met, we committed to each other and that’s what matters, she added.

Coming out about my sexuality

Gugu explains that she did not face any stigma or intolerance from her family as she came out. However, it’s a society that seems to mainly have tolerance towards understanding her sexuality, she has struggled with labels but knowing her daughter was okay with who she was and that her family was supportive made things easier.

“Society thinks of men and women in a certain way. It thinks that a man should behave in a certain way and that a woman should behave in a certain way. And when a woman does not behave in that way they tend to criticize and judge”. She said.

The stigma associated with being different hits deep, people are so typical and very judgmental. 

There is a lot of pain in this world because someone is put on a pressure because they can’t be who they really are, Gugu believes there is room for us to grow and change and just allow people to be. If there is anything all of us don’t want to experience is to realize at the end that we never became who we really are.

Blending families

Having a blended family has been challenging, finding a way to make it work was not easy, it takes a lot of time and it just doesn’t happen overnight, you work through it, said Gugu.

Gugu is co-parenting with the father of his daughter and Sanelisiwe is also doing the same as she has a son from her previous relationship.

 Being there for Sanelisiwe as she battled cancer

We fell in love when she had cancer and I remember someone saying to me ’I’m so sorry you finally found true love and they have cancer’.

And I said “no, can’t you see I have gotten a chance to experience true love in my life, so I am really thankful to God”.

Not everyone gets a chance to experience true love and Gugu considers herself to be the few that would have experienced true love in this day and age.

Gugu has been there for her fiancé in every stage until she got better and stronger and the couple is now planning their wedding which will take place on the 26 of December 2021, this will definitely be the wedding of the century.

Congratulations to Gugu and we wish her well in all she does and above all wish her love that surpasses all.

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