May 24, 2024

Imagine Punani Breaking The Internet | Cleanest seen Kuku


A woman punani broke the internet with twitter going over above and beyond to find her face. Twitter is now calling it a Sandton vagina.

The social site was at work to day with none stop posts about the private part that brote the net. With everything making it to the trend on twitter, #kuku and #Iphi seems to be topping the charts, even NOTA is not killing twitter as per usual with his celebrity beefs.

Imagine waking up and the first thing you see on your timeline is a punani. Well, men have welcomed it in a pretty typical manner or rather as expected, its said to be the cleanest virgina they have ever laid their eyes on. The pictures seem to be giving some girlfriends a run for their money as husbands and boyfriends have focus for only one woman, @Sis Flatela.

Men are lining up to catch a date with @Sis Flatela to get a chance, it wont be a shock if a bet will be open because of this.

However some are rather not taking this issue to well, images of girls with captions “I know I wont trend because I’m not naked” have been also doing its round but honestly would any picture up now top the punani trend?

See the Kuku making twitter crazy

Anyway, it twitter and everything on twitter always has an expiry date, who knows maybe by midnight all will be over and the focus will move back to NOTA or the State Capture Report.