“I’m going to cut your throat” an alleged voice note from Andile Mpisane


The musician and businessman Andile Mpisane was heard launching death threats toward his ex-girlfriend and mother of his 2 kids, Sithelo Shozi when she lifted the lid on his alleged abuse.

Model, singer, and DJ Sithelo Shozi has shared shocking images and clips relating to allegations that her ex-boyfriend and father of his 2 kids Andile Mpisane physically and verbally abused her.  It all unravelled on Shozi’s Instagram stories when, during a Q&A with her followers, she posted screenshots of a text exchange with a contact saved under the name ‘B.D’, hinting that someone was plotting her assassination.

She then posted a string of voice notes and screenshots alleged from Andile Mpisane. Andile is heard from the phone recording saying Ngizokunquma wena (I’m going to cut your throat). Shozi leaked a live phone call where Mpisane was heard fuming and shouting making death threats towards her. Mpisane was heard in another clip threatening to take her children away and telling her she will never amount to anything. “I’m not one to speak about anything concerning my private life, more especially where my kids are involved, but everyone has a breaking point and this narrative has gone too far.

I’ve been silent for far too long and hid my truth for the sake of peace but today I will not be silenced,” Shozi wrote. Shozi posted pictures of her bruised face and body. Mpisane allegedly beat her to a pulp which led to her suffering a miscarriage. “Rushed to the nearest hospital and treated like nothing ever happened.”

You all mocked me and made a ridicule out of when I was left with a three-month-old child, but little did you know that was my break free from an endless pain. That was God saving me from eventually taking my own life. Nothing has been more liberating. I saw God’s hands in my most vulnerable place,” she revealed.

Mpisane is also heard instructing the ‘Forever” hitmaker to pack up and move to Pietermaritzburg. in the text that was alleged from Mpisane, he is venting that Shozi didn’t want to be spoilt, live a better life, and change her life.

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