May 28, 2024

Watch : illegal school operating in Tembisa

Tembisa Illegal School

An illegal school called New Building Foundation Christian School, that is operating in a church building under the guise of providing home schooling in Tembisa, Phomolong has been exposed by the Voice of Tembisa earlier today  after concerned residents alerted it about it.

Residents complained about the safety of the children and the unconducive and cramped environment. The school has 21 learners, and offers Grade R to Grade 6, with each grade being one meter apart under the same room. The school charges R450 a month and has one undocumented teacher, and one Assistant teacher that is currently studying.

The Principal of the school, Zamandulo Rejoice Nxumalo, revealed that she’s operating an illegal school just to help the government, as her pastor always preaches about giving back to the government.

“At church my preacher always encourages me to always work with the government, we’re not staying down, to wait for the government to provide us with schools when you’ve got the power to help the government, that’s why I decided to open the school,” she added.