May 27, 2024

“I’ll be watching again next week when Lehasa wakes up and exposes Khwezi”

Skeem Saam Lehasa and Pretty

Hope for Lehasa to wake up, in time for Mondays episode, after all, Pretty’s justice relies on his awake. Skeem Saam has mastered the thrilling rides it offers to viewers every Friday. Giving them a fire episode on a Friday night, just to ruin the weekend with curiosity and stress.

Hang on to your migraines and high blood pressures because more is yet to come. Don’t ruin the fun by running for that teaser, join the ride of “No Man Pretty Why Mara.” The anticipation now stands on will Lehasa wake up for Pretty’s sake or will we see a student lawyer go down for murder. Mantuli isnt taking it, she’s done and ready to move on.

Viewers are praying Maphosa wakes up and clean the mess he left Pretty in. Hopes are high that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, with the message as evidence and Lehasa’s uncle to piece everything together and open up with what he knows. Truth be told, everyone is enjoying the shock that comes with watching Skeem Saam but with roles like Celia and Magongoa not present, the show seems rather empty but Thanksto Principal Thobakgale and Nora, laughter is still a possibility throughout the tension caused by Khwezi.

I pray to God that Lehasa is alive come Monday… I know he finished off Fanie but for Pretty to be innocent, we need Lehasa to be alive… Prompto!!!”