Apr 16, 2024

IFP rules out ANC as coalition partner


The Inkata Freedom Party (IFP) held a press breafing on Sunday outlining their coalition plans and who are they likely to partner with in hung municipalities.

IFP who managed to strip power from the ruling party ANC in most of the municipalities in KwaZulu Natal, have further stated that they won’t be getting into any coalition talks with the ANC in the province.

IFP President together with the founding President Mangosuthu Buthelezi expressed in a press breafing that due to bad past experiences in partnership with the Kwazulu Natal provincial leadership of the African National Congress (ANC) they won’t be getting into any coalition talks with the ANC in the Province, though they are willing to work with any party that is not racist and puts service delivery above everything.

Inkata Freedom Party stated that the ANC in Kwazulu Natal is a problem as they are not focused on putting the needs of the people above everything. IFP further stated that they are honoured by the Kwazulu Natal voters for trusting them and voting for the party in the highly contested elections.

The party promised the public that they will share further coalition information during the cause of the week, including mayoral candidates where they will be governing.