IFP leader issues a personal statement post FW De Klerk death

Buthelezi IFP

With the nation undecided post-the video clip of former South African President of the Apartheid era FW de Klerk apology, IFP leader Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi issued a personal statement unfolding his feelings and visits that transpired between him and the deceased.

The leader in the statement sent out his condolences on behalf of his political party. “This is a painful moment, not only for his family but for our entire nation. We lost a champion of democratic principles and constitutionalism who served South Africa long after his retirement from government.” wrote Prince Buthelezi

Spits of fire came from many mouths of South Africans whom expressed their unapologetic anger they had towards the late former president, including the Economic Freedom Fighters who issued a statement stating the condemning of de Klerk possibly being given a state funeral. Prince Buthelezi was rather the opposite of the angry crowd, he mentions on how he had spent memorable time with the late and having had the privilege to serve in Government of National Unity while de Klerk was Deputy President.

According to Prince Buthelezi, he and de Klerk laid the foundation of South Africa’s Democracy. “I respect his commitment to the well-being of our country and recognised in him the characteristics of a patriot.” The IFP leader describes de Klerk as a contributor to the change brought for South Africans Pre 1994 and also as a leader deserving of being honoured.

“I shall never forget his words upon receipt of the Noble Peace Price in Oslo, Norway, on 10 December 1993. He spoke about the fundamental change of heart that became the driving force towards a new dispensation. He said, “It was not a sudden change but a process, a process of introspection, of soul searching, of repentance, of realisation of the futility of on-going conflict, of acknowledgement of failed policies and the injustice it brought with it”.” read on Buthelezi’s statement

IFP leader further added on to mention on how the change of heart in de Klerk about the oppression on black people and Indians, brought many others living in the apartheid era a belief to leave their ways and treat everyone as equals. Buthelezi thanks God that the former President lived long enough to see the country become a place where there is freedom, a place where everyone has equal rights.

“As we honour his contribution to a just society, we mourn his passing. May Mrs Elita De Klerk, his children and grandchildren be comforted in this painful time. We extend our deepest Sympathies.” concluded Buthelezi

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