Jun 22, 2024

“If forever young was a person. Iyoh” | Mzansi tweeps gush over Date My Family Bachelorette’s young-looking mom.

Date My Family

The latest episode of date show ‘Date My Family’ has set South African tongues wagging but amazingly it’s not the contestants that have left Mzansi tweeps abuzz.

One of the bachelorette’s young-looking mom has left viewers in awe questioning whether she is in fact the contestant’s mom or just one of her friends fronting as her mom with the 21 year old contestant looking oddly older than her “mom”.

South Africans have since taken to social media (humorously) in disbelief over how young the mom looked. “Hold up…she said she’s Mmatshepo’s what? But ma’am please reveal the fountain of youth of which you drink from***”, “its Mmatshepo looking older than her mom for me, that’s just wild”, “Mmatshepo’s mom looks young[er] than her 21-year-old”, read some of the tweets.