May 24, 2024

IEC | Voting stations empty, streets packed with protests

IEC | Voting stations empty

Political parties flocked voting stations as per usual, only to see little numbers of community members who came through to register and check their status.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) was majoring around the voting stations in Cape Town. John Steenhuisen spoke to the media at the Grassy Park voting station and said, “if people don’t vote, there will be no change, people need to come in their numbers and vote for DA to continue seeing service delivery in Cape Town.”

In Johannesburg instead of stations being filled, the streets were packed with members protesting, some just filling up the streets after rumours of the President’s arrival in the community of Naledi Zone 8 in Soweto.

However, the rumour happened to be true as at exactly 13:40, President Ramaphosa made his appearance along with the long-standing ANC member Fikile Mbalula who tried to calm Soweto residents before the president could speak. The President was surrounded by the police as calm was still being negotiated to the residents.

Ramaphosa opened his talk with Soweto residents by asking everyone in the crowd to put on their mask, emphasizing the existence of covid-19. He was standing at the back of the bakkie while addressing the people of Soweto.

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