“I was like look at God!” Mohales Family Returned Lobola Money


Did you hear the rumour about the Motaung family returning the lobola money Somizi Mhlongo gave to Mohale’s family? Well you’re not too late. It turns out Mohale was on a mission to prove that they are marriage can be recognized, after it was revealed that their marriage was never legalized from the on set.

Twitter went on like flying fish after an allegation arose that radio personality and actor Mohale Motaung’s family returned the lobola that media personality Somizi Mhlongo had given to the family for Mohale’s hand in marriage.

When we talk about “Everything That Could Go Wrong Literally Went Wrong” matter, picture Mohale and Somizi’s wedding. Somizi did say that his show in this season will reveal a lot, most especially details about his divorce and ever since then, every body has been watching the reality show like hawks, just to get an update on the juicy story of his divorce.

It is being reported that lobola was paid for Mohale Motaung but instead, his family returned the “hard cash” as they allegedly did not approve of the relationship. An unnamed source took to the media and provided details to the returning of the lobola: “They did not like the relationship from the go. You would remember that it was reported everywhere when his sisters attacked Somizi online and his family vowed to disown him if he continued with Somizi,” said a source to City Press.

“They forged a front for Mohale’s sake, but even after the lobola was paid, it was in hard cash and they gave it back to him because they did not approve of the union,” the source continued.

Mohale has however not confirmed the news and Africa Newz missed out on his instagram Live. It was said ealier in the week that Mohale is out to look for proof, after news went put that he will not be getting anything from Somizi out of the divorce settlement. More was revealed that the couple “did not officially sign any marriage documents at their wedding.” this was made known to the public during an episode of Somizi’s reality show airing on Showmax.

“The media personality’s legal advisor Hopewell Sathekge said that in order for them to get divorced they would first need to prove they were married. This also works for whether Mohale could claim 50% of Somizi’s estate or not.” But wait, it all started with the lobola being returned, Mohale not having a letter to show lobola talk even transpired, and now here’s what else went on, giving Mhlongo signs that this wedding was never going to work. Somizi take it this was a sign from God.

“At the white wedding. Again, I will go back to you know, you know and I knew with the marriage there would be challenges naturally. But there are challenges where you can see that this is going to hell,” said Somizi.

“So, when they told us that the pastor didn’t bring the certificates I was like look at God!” he continued.

It turns out that the reason the marriage was never registers, is all thanks to the wedding officiator, forgetting to bring with him the certificates. Therefore the two did not sign anything and even the pictures and the wedding documentary can not in this case proof that this was a real wedding. And with the Motaung’s having returned the lobola, adds on to the signs that their disapproval to the marriage, meant it was not meant to be.



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