Jun 18, 2024

“I wanted to cry” | Influencer Zuki Lamani shares her experience on an overwhelming night she had in Cape Town

Award winning influencer, Zuki Lamani, has shared her experience on an overwhelming night she had at a famous entertainment spot called Rands in Cape Town with her fans in a video circulating on social media.

In the two part video, Lamani details how she was overwhelmed by one of her fans kissing her, taking pictures and videos and also getting picked up to a point where she wanted to cry

“Guys at first it was really like, it was overwhelming from the get go because I was just like oh my god but then it got really, really bad where like people had to actually take him out of the section because it was just bad, It was just incredibly bad,” Lamani said.

“I was getting picked up, kisses, kisses!!, pulled, pictures, videos, [spat at on the face], calls, it was bad, like I’ve never been overwhelmed by somebody and I wanted to cry,” Lamani added.

The influencer then shared how she was constantly followed around by another fan who would also just stand in front of her and just creepily glare at her.

“And then there was this other one as well who kept on kissing me, it was about 30 kisses [on her cheek]. Guys don’t stress me,” Lamani said.

Zuki Lamani further stated that she feels she now need bodyguards and at least “six bodyguards” at that.