Jul 20, 2024

“I Had To Go For Safety” | Athol Williams State Capture Whistle-Blower Speaks Up

Athol Williams

Athol Williams is one on many whistle blowers of the state capture and has fled South Africa after one of the whistle blowers was killed.

Williams says whistle blowers in the country are exposed and unprotected, he feels the government is not doing anything to protect them from vultures on the verge of silencing them. Williams said that it surprising how the government is aware of the killings of witnesses and names of those doing the killings but yet nothing is done to protect them from further attacks.

For his own safety, Williams mentioned on how he had to leave his wife and kids and flee the country, “it was not an easy decision it was either that or I get silenced.” said Williams

According to Athol Williams, a number of big businesses involved in corruption by doing business with Bain were mentioned out at the state capture, has not been brought to book and dealt with. He added on to say in SA there is zero support and what’s left for him is to now find out about international support.

He says if anyone can put an end into the matter it is the president himself who holds the right and authority to insist on safety for whistle blowers of the state capture. The one main person who is believed to be the biggest involved in the corruption mentioned out at the state capture is Bain. “Bain will thrive and people like me will get squashed in the process.” expressed Athol Williams.

Even after being exposed, Bain is back in the country and his business webs are said to still being strong and operative. Williams said we cannot talk about state capture in the past tense as it is very much present.  He concluded by mentioning that getting more information is not the problem the problem is the government not doing anything about corruption reported.