Jun 18, 2024

I Blew It | Meet Eric AKA MaEga, Mr 1.7M


Mzansi is not only shocked to see a white person on I blew it but amazed by a party he hosted that lasted 2 months straight. Eric is currently a talk of the town on Twitter with how easy he blew his RAF.

Known for telling people’s stories of how they mismanaged their millions, I blew it gave Mzansi something to talk about, the first white person to make it to the show. Eric got R1.7 Million from his Road Accident Fund, and typically blew it in a short space of time. He used the funds uncontrollably with friends on drugs and alcohol leaving him dry and dependable on hustling today.

His story was regarded a painful one, many are amazed with concern as to how he found it sane on wasting R500k on drugs only. However they are also pleased with how the first thing he did was think of his mother and sister clearing off their debts and buying his mum a house. The sad part for them was coming to know his mother left him for Cape Town as soon as he became a “junkie” leaving him to sort for himself.

It is expected from watching the show that people make bad decisions with their RAF, Lotto Win, Inheritance or Policies. At least tweeps feel for Eric and are glad he did not see colour to abandon his friends when he got money. Even so, money is money, it comes and it goes, one can never know when or how they will deal with such a scenario when it comes about.

Eric now lives a life of making ends meet by repairing and selling cellphone devices, he rents out a Wendy shack with hope that one day an opportunity like this will come again and will probably use it wisely this time around

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