May 20, 2024

Human Trafficking | “News Cafe Woodmead No Go Area”

human trafficking

The well known News Cafe Woodmead is being labelled as an alleged hotspot for kidnapping and human trafficking. On Friday 29 April, Kgalalelo Tolo was last seen by his friends as they say he vanished and was never to be seen again.

Stories of alleged human trafficking and kidnapping taking place at this very well known night club and restaurant, have reached the socials. Many have witnessed shocking scenarios of suspicious men and a Mercedes, also a BMW, with unconscious females constantly being taken by bouncers into the two cars. A social media user who went to enjoy his birthday at News Cafe, shared a thread of a similar incident which led to many confirming they too have come across such scenes at the Café.

The 29th of April seem to have been a day where many drinks were spiked and ladies went missing. However it seems as though at this particular area, both genders have encountered the uncalled for event, with friends leaving without finding everyone they came with. It is said men’s drinks are spiked and given directions as to where to go and are never seen again, ladies drop unconscious and accompanied by bouncers into a Mercedes.

People are warned to stay far away from the Cafe as possible and for the managers to take their stories to consideration, to work on making the club safe for the public. The scenes described, are identical to the scenes witnessed on eTV Scandal where Mukuna uses Zenzele to lure single ladies to the club only to be abducted. Scandal may be raising awareness of Human trafficking, as cases of such reports are on the rise.

Whoever will be making their way to the cafe are warned to take note of the following: