May 28, 2024

Hug gone wrong, Apes are done entertaining humans

Apes done entertaining humans

An orangutan ape shocked a zoo visitor who wanted a hug, but the ape instead gave more than a hug, it had the the visitor fixed to the cage. This is the second clip shared where cages animals are done with entertaining humans

From observing the video, one can hear the fear in the mans scream, leaving wonder as to why did he approach it for a hug if he’s that scared of it. Although someone else came through and tried separating him from the ape with no prevail. The clip has been one most shared with the public enjoying the hilarious part of it.

Unfortunately the clip ends before showing how he got free, however the message coming from the apes is very clear, “we are done entertaining humans” its also worrying to see such, wondering if places like zoo’s will still have visitors even though animals at the zoo are starting to act different.