May 24, 2024

How to check if your Mobile device will still support WhatsApp from November

Whatsapp mobile

With only few days left before most of our mobile devices will no longer support the world wide used communications application, WhatsApp.

Here we look at ways in which users can check if their mobile applications will still support WhatsApp by the end of this month, Facebook announced that a number of Android and Apple devices will no longer be supported by whatsApp few months ago.

Users will need to check if their  mobile device is using the operating system which is currently supported by WhatsApp, being Android or Apple device. Android devices that use android version that is below 4.0 and iPhones that are currently using iOS that is below version 10 will be unsupported.

To check if your android application is due for software upgrade, you will need to access the settings of your phone, there after click on the about phone tab, then you will be able to check the Android version of your phone. If the version is below 4.0 and you are currently not prompted for any updates, sadly your device won’t be supporting WhatsApp as from the 1st of November 2021.

Again on your Android device if you need to check that your device is due for software upgrade, which is the android version, click settings and go down to software update tab, there it will prompt you to update the software if needed.

iPhone users in order to check their iOS version, users need to navigate to settings, then click the about tab, then the software version should appear. To upgrade iOS version users needs to navigate to settings, the general tab and then click the software update.

It is by now public knowledge that iPhone 6s and below will not be suporting whatsApp by the end of this month. As this devices are not due for latest software updates.