Jun 15, 2024

How Hygienically Clean Are the Utensils Used In Restaurants?


Festive season is here and we eat out more than we should. But have you ever looked at the utensils and asked yourself, what if they missed this one and just wiped it off.

We need to be honest with each other, a lot people prefer to only brush their teeth when they remember to and sometimes there are those whose dentals aren’t as pleasing. We come across teeth that are scary, one would believe they are fake teeth for Halloween only to find that nope, its real.

Now imagine where your utensils that you use to eat your favourite meal at your favourite restaurant were before they lend in your mouth. Is it washed, is it steamed or well was it even sanitized in the first place. You do need your knife for that stake after all but remember it’s the fork that freaks outs or the spoon for soup lovers.

Recycling is a norm and people are getting used to it, should it be considered that we should maybe start using disposable plastic utensils when we want to enjoy a plate full of everything you love. However yes that doable but again what about when you having a steak, you need a knife right, or those muscles if not opened won’t you need a knife?

This is a tricky one to solve one should just pray that utensils are washed steamed and sanitized, properly prepped for the next customer. Your health comes first and let’s face it, people forget to brush their teeth others just don’t want to, mouth bacteria is real and active. Will you next time smell your fork for cigarette before using it or will you just be “arg flip it who cares.”?

It is almost December, restaurants will be packed and so will your favourite, don’t forget it’s your right to ask that your utensils be given a quick rewash before you use them or you could just use the provided serviette and wipe them. Maybe ask why takeaways we get disposable plastic utensils even if you order a steak and why in the restaurant you get your home ware fork and knife.