Jun 22, 2024

House of Zwide | The Return of Mampho


She left everything in chaos, with her manipulative self, she promised to come back and make the Zwides pay. More drama expected as the manipulator, the party popper makes her come back.

Mampho will be back Friday 11 March, and yes you guess it right she wants pay back. If you remember how she left, Mampho promised or rather threatened to make the Zwides pay for her humiliation.

“Shame on you Mampho” those were the last words Faith Zwide said to her. She’s back and it can never be good news. With Nkosi deciding to up and leave for KwaZulu Natal, it’s up to Shoki to change his mind.

Now questions rise on Will the reconciliation happen? Or like always Mampho will ruin it all. House of Zwide is about fashion and secrets, wit the recent scenes, secrets are piling up, what’s Mamphos come back gonna be about.