Jun 15, 2024

Higher Education Bursary | The future is bright with Hollywood bets

Hollywood bets

Hollywood bets have announced a bursary scheme for South African youth in need of financial support. Hollywood bets is a South African sports betting platform, the platform provides a betting site that is accessible via the internet and uses cutting-edge technology from the 20th century. Hollywood Sportsbook is another name for it.

In March 2019, iGaming Business Magazine issued a list of Top 50 Gaming Sites Worldwide, and Hollywood bets was placed at number 8. Hollywood bets have always been known to be the leader of social responsibility and sponsorship in South Africa.

Being recognized for as part of a Social Responsibility Programme, often known as the Hollywood bets My Community Programme, every Hollywood bets branch in South Africa sponsors a local charity as well as a local sports team. Children’s homes, community centres, old-age homes, and schools.

Hollywood bets Commercial manager, Sandisiwe Bhengu said “Hollywood bets is excited to be running The Future is Bright bursary programme for the third year now, in a row. Recent statistics have shown an extremely high unemployment rate for the youth in South Africa, so we want to create positive change with this investment. We have already had 286 students awarded bursaries through the programme and look forward to offering this opportunity to more candidates.

Below are the requirements mentioned by the company to qualify for the bursary.

  •  Latest results > average of 65% if grade 11 or 12 and 65% minimum per subject required for entry into degree.
  • Latest results > 60% if tertiary/higher institution
  • South African Citizen (externals only).
  • Duration of course = 12 months and longer.
  • Type of Qualifications = National Certificates, Diploma’s, Degrees, and Post-Graduate studies.
  • Field of Study: Computer Science/Supply chain and logistics/ Business Management /Finance /HR/Marketing/Graphic Design/Media and Communications.
  • Preference will be given to applicants already residing in the same location as the institution being applied to.

The Bursary application is for funding for the 2022 academic year only. Subsequent funding for additional academic years will need to be applied and approved when the Bursary applications open for those academic years.

The Future is Bright bursary campaign is open from 1 September 2021 and will close on 31 October 2021.

To apply for this bursary, go to Hollywood My Community or copy and paste the URL below into your browser.



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