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Hillary Gardee: One Suspect Confirmed as “ANC Employee”

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ANC Mpumalanga Chief WHIP Vincent Mlombo confirms the identity of one of the suspects, to being an employee of the ANC Office of the legislature. Although the name cannot be revealed under Media Law, until the take a stand at in court. This information confirat suspicions of political members or members related to members of status, as involved in the case.

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It was on the curious stage as to will it be confirmed if whether or not the death of 28 year old Hillary Gardee who was shot execution stile at the back of her head, was politically related. Three suspects will appear at the Nelspruit Mpumalanga Magistrate court. It is also said there is a possibility for more arrests to be made. EFF calls for no bail towards the three men.

The outside court has been painted red with a group of EFF members alongs with some of its leaders, have made their way to conduct a peaceful march outside court. The man in question was arrested Saturday Morning during funeral proceedings.