May 20, 2024

Hilary Devey Biography, Age, Education and Cause of Death

Hilary Devey

Hilary Lorraine Devey was born in United Kingdom (UK) ciry Bolton, the year 1957 March 10, she was known for the show she presented on BBC called Dragon’s Den, Hilary was a TV star, Businesswoman and entrepreneur. The UK born star also presented The intern on Channel 4.

Hilary Devey as she was famously know, was married and divorced twice, her first marriage was to Malcom Sharples in 1976 which lasted only three years. She was then married to Philip Childs in 2011 and that marriage too also lasted three years.  The fierce businesswoman had multiple companies marking her entrepreneural journey.

She had one child. Hilary Devey died on saturday 11 June 2021 at her holiday home in Morocco, by the time of her passing the tv star had been seen fot the longest time, it is not known which disease caused her health deterioration.