Jun 22, 2024

Herman Mashaba: “If you want to put your party ahead of serving society then please don’t waste our time”

Herman Mashaba

Action SA leader, Herman Mashaba, has said that any political parties who want to work with them must understand that they [Action SA] want to put the people first in a media briefing at Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton on Tuesday, 09 November 2021.

Herman Mashaba providing an update on the parties latest Coalition talks developments. “We are not going to go into a coalition agreement at all costs,” said Mashaba.

“All the parties that want to work with us must understand that we want to put the people first. If you believe you want to put your party ahead of serving society then please don’t waste our time because the deal is already not going to be concluded, so I think it’s important for political parties wanting to negotiate with us that we put South Africans first,” added Mashaba.

The Action SA leader further stated that the party cannot afford to get into an arrangement [Coalition] where they can already see the possibility of unstable government in advance. “So it’s important when we pick up coalition partners, stable government has to be one of the key aspects of what we really need to look at because else we will be failing ourselves and ultimately failing the people of our country,” Mashaba added.

Herman Mashaba further stated that as Action SA, in the event that they are unable to conclude a coalition agreement, they would be happy to be in the opposition benches and prepare themselves for the upcoming elections in 2024 and further announced that in the event that no political party in any of the municipalities they have contested and have become a part of the council fails to get the outright majority, they would not be afraid to go for an election re-run as the last resort/option. “We will do everything in our power to make sure we do not go into an election re-run that we conclude coalition arrangements so that we can start serving our residents,” said Mashaba.