Jul 21, 2024

Hello 2024, The Youth of SA Awaits


The time has come where South African youth are standing for themselves. It has been long coming, a dream told by fallen leaders who died for future leaders to take the youth further.

Welcome to the new South Africa, where the people say ‘Enough Is Enough’. The words “the people shall govern” is slowly coming to be. Not only are they standing up in attempt to save their beloved country but they are willing to struggle in making it a home again.

If it’s not poverty they are fighting, it’s unemployment, unfair justice and now it’s illegal immigrants. On 06 April 2022, the community of Diepsloot protested together in saying “we are tired of waiting” they shut down the Township to the police station, in the aim to demand answers for the continues deaths taking place withing their area, and the increase in crimes within areas, including the matter of illegal foreigners with shops allegedly dealing and contributing in drug destroying SA youth.

From protesting to dodging rubber bullets and stunt granades, to now cold and lock behind bars, detained from fighting for their community. The current generation has decided to not only take back their country but to save it for the next generation to come.

Could this be history repeating itself? Years ago SA Hero’s and Heroes fought for today’s Youth who made their dream come to be. Will 2024 see more and more political parties led and founded by the youth, parties that will put South Africa first, will our next president be out of the political era, is that even possible. Hello 2024, the youth of South Africa is waiting on you, the people shall govern, the youth shall take over.