May 24, 2024

Hannes Coetzee Joins ActionSA as Council Candidate | Ward 96 Tshwane


A By-Election for 04 May 2022 is set to take place with Hannes Coetzee as the council candidate for ActionSA under Tshwane Ward 96. The party’s president Herman Mashaba took to the street with other members to campaign for the council position.

According to the party, Coetzee is a three time elected ward councillor for ward 96, making him the right candidate to continue serving the ward, even though it is for a different political party. The leaders have visited a number of voting registration sites and communities, with the informal settlements saying they are ready for ActionSA.

“Voter registration is underway at Walmansdaal daycare center VD Action4SA President HermanMashaba and Councilor Candidate Hannes Coetzee have arrived at Walmansdaal. The community of the informal settlement are ready for an ActionSA Councillor.” The parties youth has also joined the leaders in the campaign, educating the youth on the importance of voting.

Some members of the public has however found no joy in these news, saying the political party is slowly becoming DA with many of their leaders having to being former members of the DA. One use went ahead to say the party is moving from ActionSA to ActionDA.