Jun 22, 2024

Hammanskraal, Brakpan Taxi Fares Set to Increase

Taxi fares

With the pretrol price forever increasing commuters pockets are set to be hit harder with taxi fares around Gauteng and other provinces set to increase this April month, the ailing economy is making this extremely harder too as food prices are also forever on the rise. A mere 2 litres cooking oil now costs about R90.

Hammanskraal to Makapanstad taxi prices are set to be increased on Monday the 4th of April 2022, the increase is set to range from R2 to R5, locat taxis in Hammanskraal, between mostly Temba and Jubilee mall are set to cost R3 more with the taxi fare increasing from R12 to R15. Taxi associations stated that they had no choice but to increase the taxi fares as petrol prices are forever costing them more.

Greater Brakpan taxi association stated that they hate to announce increase in taxi fares, however with forever raising gas prices they have no choice, they further announced that their long distance prices are set to increase hefty. Greater Brakpan taxi fares are set to go up in May 2022, giving commuters a month grace period to prepare for the new changes.

Commuters have expressedtheir disbelieve and sadness stating that taxi associations on’t think for them as the prices are now too high for them to afford, some stated that all their salaries now is gonna be fully spent on transport. Some are urging the government to regulate the transport industry.