May 20, 2024

Grootman Gifts Mum with Dream Car


It’s every boy child dreams of making their mother proud, and what way to do it than to not gift her a dream car on her birthday. @xo_grootman added a reel of a lifetime on his Instagram account, accompanied by a touching caption dedicated to his mother.

“My queen. I’ve watched you make crazy sacrifices for me to grow up decent, you have lived for me, it’s my turn to live for you. Happy birthday my love, enjoy your dream car…” Wrote grootman on his reel.

He further more explained on how this gift is greater than his life achievements, speaking on the joy of being a provider to the same person who gave life. Grootman ceased the opportunity of putting a smile on the woman who gave him life, or rather tears of joy.

His fans have shared message of good will to him and his mother on this special day. More and more of his followers welcomed his caption and post as motivation to forever remember their mother and other women who gave life.