May 20, 2024

Greater Letaba Municipality records another death linked to initiation school.

Bolobedu initiation

The number of deaths linked to initiation schools under the Greater Letaba Municipality keeps on spiking.

Just after the death of an 8-year old minor who died at initiation school this past week after being diagnosed with epilepsy, however mother of the deceased has refuted Coghta findings that the deceased was epileptic the minor was laid to rest on Sunday at Makhurupetji village morever yet another death has been recorded.

Member of the Traditional Council in Thakgalane, Lephai Pheeha Thakgalane no.1 who is believed to be in his 60s, died yesterday at around 14h00, after consuming poisoned food whilst on a visiting assignment at a local initiation school.

The deceased is believed to have been vomiting non-stop at the Initiation school and was rushed to the local Pheeha clinic where he succumbed to food poisoning upon arrival.