Jun 15, 2024

Good News For Nyabela Primary School, MEC Handover Renovated Classrooms


An official handover of newly renovated classrooms is set to take place at Nyabela Primary School in Mpumalanga, led by Bonakele Majuba MEC for Education, on Monday 06 December 2021 at 10:00am.

After parents raised concerns and threats about the infrastructure witnessed at the primary school last year 21 November 2020, when MEC Majuba visited the school, parents sent out a promise to the department of Education that they will remove their children if the department fails to come up with a solution to fix the challenges the school was under.

Majuba had assured the angry parents that the school will receive a permanent solution to challenge at hand. A donation was given to the school, working alongside the Mpumalanga Education Development Trust, in order to purchase equipment required to begin with renovations to the primary, only after the department had temporarily situated electrified air-conditioned mobile classrooms to soften the challenge.

“This is clear evidence of a collaborative effort with positive outcomes. The outcome of the school’s renovation confirms that if people work together, they can achieve more. I extend my sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed towards this achievement. This is an example of private-public partnership at work and we are grateful that learners will now focus on their studies in a conducive environment.” expressed MEC Majuba

On Sunday 05 December 2021, the renovated classrooms were given the green light and labelled as ready to commence with learning and teaching, on time for the handover by the MEC, giving the parents a chance to change their thoughts and mind about changing schools.