Jun 18, 2024

Gold and other minerals discovered at Giyani in Mopani District, Limpopo.


On Wednesday it was revealed that the Council of Geo-science has discovered Gold and other minerals at Giyani,in Mopani District following a research conducted by Scientist and engineers in the area.

The Council’s CEO Mosa Mabuza announced the discovery to delegates at the Limpopo Mining Investment Conference that was held at Protea Hotel, Polokwane.

The conference was held under the theme of “Growing a globally competitive and transformed mineral and energy resources sector’’. Various stakeholders in the mining industry were attending the conference which came to an end yesterday.

‘’Gold is absolutely there and we are doing further assessment to ascertain whether that Gold can be economically extracted, if indeed we made this discovery and its confirmed, it will have a huge impact in that part of the world.’’ said Mabuza.

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