Jun 15, 2024

Gogo Skhotheni Reality Show Heads to Moja Love

Gogo Skhotheni

Patricia Motsoeneng known as Gogo Skhotheni will be making her way on Moja love, with her very own reality show ‘Gogo Skhoteni’ coming soon. Motsoeneng is a sangoma or traditional healer who does not shy away from the camera.

With having so much followers and fans of her ancestoral work, fans say they are looking forward to seeing their favourite influencer. Gogo Skhotheni was one of the few traditional healers who did not shy away from showcasing their journey, giving people the modern way of embracing your calling, moving away from the stigma people have about traditional healers.

Not only is she a traditional healer, Gogo Skhotheni is also a businesswoman who sells her own products, from bar soaps, tea, performance and many more. She has her hands full, if it’s not being a mother to her three daughters, or being a wife, she’s also a mother to many students (initiates with ancestral calling) under her ancestoral guidance.

With this reality show, many will get to see her day to day life routines and not just sneak peaks on social media. Fans are thrilled to get more of Gogo Skhotheni, the show is set to air soon on Moja Love TV Channel 157 on DSTV