Jul 20, 2024

Gogo Maweni Still On Top Trending List


More and more clips of SK Khoza acting out of the ordinary has made its way to the top trends on the internet, it seems later in the day a similar incident transpired. Still with an orange sweater, track pant and no shoes, Khoza wanted to fight with another male counterpart at a petrol station.

Countless clips including the one that made many aware of Khoza’s situation are circulating. A video of him dancing at a local pub with friends and no shoes on, got fans worried about him and the friends he has. This got many to believe it might not be drugs but intoxication if not ‘witchcraft’.


Allegations of Dr Gogo Maweni being the reason behind Khoza’s violent nature, are growing. After she posted on her Instagram that her baby daddy’s will pay for not providing for her children, it’s believed she is the course. A user took a screenshot of a comment where Gogo Maweni offered to help a woman who says she hates her baby daddy for being an absent father.

Followers and fans of the actor are praying for him, wishing for Khoza to get help with whatever is going on in his life at the moment. Twitter is now divided with many saying Gogo Maweni should not be celebrated for the allegations, while others say this will be a wake up call for all deadbeat father’s. Some are also saying these allegations have not been confirmed and should therefore not tarnish a woman’s name just with allegations which now affects every sangoma who is a woman, who then have to be blamed for things they are not linked to. https://twitter.com/VanDerMohammed/status/1511335478636818436?s=20&t=-4xrUADtiOyItuxycLqgLg