May 27, 2024

Gigi Lamayne or Future Mrs Smeg? Kiss an Tell

Mr Smeg Michael Bucwa went on a date with South African rapper Gigi Lamayne who didn’t waste time in saying yes. Her tongue in his mouth, that’s how the two concluded the date. Does this mean they are officially an item or it was just a French kiss?

Gigi and Mr Smeg woke tweeps up with questionable pictures of them sharing an intimate kiss. At first it was personality Pearl Thusi who first honoured Smeg with a date after Mr Smeg was consistent in asking for it, and now it’s Lamayne who said yes from the first “Gigi Lamayne is Beautiful” tweet.

Many were looking forward to the date as the two did not disclose much as it was done with Pearl Thusi. The SA hip hop artist confirms the date was a succes by sharing a pic where tongues were exchanged even though a hiccup transpired at the beginning of the date where Gigi was late.

Nonetheless, all was forgotten by followers of the date as the pair dropped a kiss update. That left wonders as to are the two official as it is known how Gigi has been hinting on her twitter that she’s ready to settle down and start a family. The rapper also share a very long thread where she appreciated Mr Smeg for his hospitality, saying she learnt a lot from him and was shocked to realised he was a humble fellow. Many wished the two a great relationship ahead may it be friendship or beyond.