Apr 18, 2024

Gigi Lamayne Clears The Air With a “No Further Comment From Me” tweet

Gigi Lamayne

It is so shocking that even in this day and age, women still publicly shame each other when men cheat on them. Women still see the significance in fighting the woman involved instead of taking it up with the cheater.

In this case Genisis Manney, commonly known as  Gigi Lamayne, has issued a tweet with a letter from his lawyers, directed to Inno Morolong who is accused of defamation of character or career towards the rapper Lamayne. On the tweet she makes mentions on how she will not entertain Morolong but would leave her lawyers to do the talk.

“In light of all the statements and videos published by Inno Morolong. I have since engaged my attorneys to take over the matter and I will not be making any further comments/statements regarding this issue. The letter from my attorneys sent to Ms Morolong earlier today is:” read the tweet from lamayne followed by images replicating the letter sent out to Morolong.

Gigi Lamayne who goes by the username #AfricaTop$0 on twitter, posted a letter from Maphosa Mokoena Attorneys that gives orders, after her video went viral where “offending statements” were made adding to the name Gigi, allegedly claiming reputational damage. The letter quoted the following words from the video:

“is a bitch who stole your man and is dirty and untidy”

“you are a sangoma and…I am not afraid of you”

“you’re a dirty girl and you will remain a dirty girl”

Morolong has been given until Thursday 25 November 2021 at 08:30 to respond to the letter from the lawyers, or face an instructed summon claiming R1 million for reputational damage that was done through offensive statements towards Lamayne. If Morolong does not reply, it will be regarded as if she refuses to abide by the instruction and such will lead to the lawyers conducting sudden legal proceedings as mentioned on the letter issued.