Jun 15, 2024

Germiston floodings | Deadly Rain witnessed over parts of South Africa


Germiston Ekurhuleni became a cemetery after bodies were stuck inside vehicles under a flooded bridge in Meyer Street near Germiston Hotel, the bridge that leaves Germiston heading for Primrose and Alberton.

Cape town experienced flooding’s in the beginning of the week and later in the afternoon of today, Klerksdorp in the Northwest faced a pretty shocking experience once more of having the town swallowed by floods but little didn’t residents of Germiston know that it is coming this way.

The town of Germiston in the CBD experienced a shockingly sudden rain that flooded the Golden Walk Shopping Centre inside leaving some stores devastated ahead of the black Friday. Stores like Sports Scene that belongs under the TFG account umbrella was flooded leaving the store in a mess, boxes of shoes are seen floating inside the store with staff members disheartened by the scene in the store.

Other stores are Mr Price which had a leaking roof, rain coming in from the roof, Kidz that had water coming in from tiles within, leaving staff members sweeping out the water an hour after closing time. These stores had a very bad start for the Black Friday; however, the traumatising scene was outside in Meyer Street near Germiston hotel.

Under a bridge that gives way for railway passengers, vehicles were under water under the bridge, taxi passengers on top of the taxi trying very hard to not drown like others did. Residents are left traumatised by the scene with no rescue mission taking place. On the other end hours after closing time, people are still left stranded inside golden walk as water levels keep rising. Videos of the flooding inside the mall, is circulating social media.