May 20, 2024

Gender Based Violence | Jaco Swart given R20k fine

Jaco Swart

An unendurable taped video of Jaco Swart continuously abusing a woman, has been doing the rounds. It is alleged Stewart only received a fine of R20 000 for pleading guilty to assault.

Angry with the justice system of South Africa when it comes to Gender Based Violence cases, the public fail to understand why the court only issued a R20K fine with a suspended prison sentence, over jail time. Jaco Swart pleaded guilty to assault with intention to inflict grievous bodily harm and his lawyer argued for the footage to not be presented for purposes of sentencing.

After many saw the system, confusion spread out as to why would the court grant an abuser freedom even though there’s evidence to proof he is beyond guilty and did not show any remorse while beating up and kicking the unknown female individual. On the footage people can also be seen walking by the office with no intention to help or check what it’s happening. South Africans say such situations are what motivates women who are abused and in abusive relationships, to find it hard to speak up and report knowing all the judge will hand is a fine.

Bheki Cele during his crime statistics reporting has informed that murders caused by gender based violate has increased and that victims are finding it more harder to break free. The public is demanding that the case be reviewed and the footage included as evidence.