Jun 22, 2024

GBV Against MEN | Intervention Demanded for Men Who Are Victims

After the video of Dineo Ranaka yelling at boyfriend Sechaba Thole on a video went viral, men are demanding serious intervention for male counterparts who are victims of Gender Based Violence.

The struggle to minimise gender based violence in South Africa has been a big one, one that the government have now announced as a pandemic. Frustrations are high from men who say they are not taken seriously when they cry for help. A trend in men posting their experience of abuse is currently doing the rounds on social media.

Stories of men being abused by their female partners are coming up, with men demanding attention to it as much as attention is given out when women cry for help. A #JusticeForOratileKeleketu is being pushed to trend by friends and family of Oratile Keleketu who was murdered by his girlfriend after he called off the relationship and refused to rekindle the love lost.

It has been reported a countless times that women too are abusers, making men victims of abuse. The counterpart is requesting that society change its mind-sets and remember the G in the GBV abbreviation stands for Gender and not for Girls. The country is now divided in people not knowing who to support at this stage mainly those who are affected by the matter and closely related to the victims who endured the abuse or eventually lost their lives in the hands of their partners.

With the video of Dineo Ranaka, men took that as the last straw calling on people to also put as much effort and attention in protecting men as much as done with women. With all the comments, commenters say it is clear enough in the video that Thola is a victim of abuse, he has somehow faced a beating or two from Ranaka seeing that she threw a phone, throwing wonders as to what does she throw when they are at home.

Due to the video, many are urging Thola to open a case against Dineo Ranaka and are also requesting on celebrities to stop using their fame and status to abuse men and think they can get away with it. They are further more requesting on the government to reassure that the justice system be fair for men too as many of the women who murdered their partners are still roaming the streets.