Jul 20, 2024

Gauteng police commissioner given 48 hours  to catch culprits

A Pimville resident, 44 year old Kgomotso Diale was brutally shot dead after he wanted to be involved in taking action in community activism. As local companies and families were allegedly extremely affected by the deficiency of electricity due to cable theft, and for that, the community demand justice for the life lost.

Diale was allegedly shot and killed by cable thieves’ at the kliptowns chicken farm in a former settlement on Monday 18 April. Police Minister Bheki Cele visited the Diale family to bear his condolences and made numerous promises to the community of Pimville, pledging with the Gauteng police commission to arrest the culprits responsible for murdering the deceased within 48 hours.

His younger brother, Kagiso is stunned by the magnetism this situation has instigated in the media. The brother’s death was a bit awful in terms of how it happened and he defined his brother as a very bubbly person, smart yet had a very wicked sense of humor, also as a person who always wanted to help the ones in need. Pimville residents claimed to have reported about the raised issue of cable theft and other related cases but police officers never reacted nor responded towards those cases, blaming them for not doing the job they were assigned and pledged to do, in delivering services. They want the police station to be Shut down

“In terms of resources indeed we are supposed to improve those resources I’ve said that I have spoken to the national commissioner and they have promised these new ten vehicles indeed it will be good to hear from the Eldo’s community and the police what can we do to help and within our powers, we will try to respond,” says Bheki Cele

The police made it clear that this matter is not even closely related to the dudula campaign. Tweeps started dragging EFF claiming to be celebrating the death of the man, a man of honor who went out to seek solutions to the electricity blackout community problem instead of working with the police officers and the community as a whole. Some are saying he was killed following an altercation between operation Dudula members and residents of the chicken farm settlement. Kliptown residents are fuming and displeased with the way he was killed.

The Diale family would like to see the murders arrested and punished for killing Kgomotso and they are very much appreciative of the pimville community and police minister Bheki Cele for highly supporting them and bringing this issue out to the media and being willing to solve it and punish the alleged murders in 48 hours.