Jun 18, 2024

Garden Route Flooded Due To Heavy Rains

garden route

George Municipality pleading with the residents of the municipality to stay home, if they can as heavy rains and flooding are causing road closures across the city.

Flooding in Garden route area due to heavy rains have prompted the emergency services to put teams on standby to assist if needed as the heavy rains continue to fall in the area. Garden route district municipality warns of flooded roads that are dangerous for the public to drive on, as they are urged to please stay home.

According to Garden Route District Municipality fire and rescue services unit, a family was rescued while trapped in their home in Merriam street. Drain lids have been opened, several bus routes have been suspended, including the closure of a number of clinics in the area.

Gift of the Givers is preparing intervention in the Garden Route area, they have made arrangements to bring in helicopters and aquatic teams if water rescue is needed also hot meals will be provided on site,  according to South African weather services, a total of 78.5mm of rain was measured in George since the morning.